Reformation and Revival, the Hope and Fear of Islam

The Short Take

Christianity’s reformation, beginning back in 1517, coincided with a Christian revival characterized by a “going back to the Bible” seeking truth and guidance.  Revival has always been about going back to the Bible from Nehemiah and Josiah to the awakenings of Edwards, Wesley and Havner.  Now in the 21st century a new call for reformation is building, not in Christianity, rather in Islam.  Notably this is reformation without revival.  It is reformation based on rational cultural norms.

This sounds good for world peace and prosperity.  However, what will happen when the inevitable comes?  An Islamic revival.  Maybe in a particular mosque or in the person of a few 2nd, 3rd, or 4th generation Muslims.  Just as in Christianity such a revival will be marked by a turning back to the source, for Islam “back to the Quran” to seek truth and guidance.  However, for Islam this does not mean a turn to peace, hope and charity as it would in Christianity.  Unfortunately under Islamic theology revival is a call back to Jihad, Sharia law and destruction of the infidel.


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