Who is that “double-minded” man James is talking about? (Js 1:6)

Who is that “double-minded” man James is talking about? (Js 1:6)

(The one who “will not receive anything from the Lord (v7).”  (Wow, nobody wants to be him!)

He’s a believer, one of the brethren (v2),  part of the fellowship. God still offers him growth opportunities (v3) but pride is a problem (v9-10). He is unstable having his mind on God but also on his own will (v6-7).  How can you tell who is “leaning on his own understanding”?  Well, YOU may be a double minded man…

  • If your prayers are basically “God, here’s what I need you to do”.
  • If you read between the lines of scripture to add a little of yourself into the text.
  • If you think you are starting to get it all figured out.
  • If you think “God is good, All the time”,  (so long as you like the outcomes).
  • If your impatience causes you to say “let’s just do it, I know the way”.
  • If your heart’s desire is anything more than finding God’s will.
  • If your faith is limited to what you yourself can imagine.
  • If you want to do God’s will and think you already know what it is.
  • If you sometimes act like God belongs to you rather than you belonging to God.

At all of these times you are receiving none of God’s wisdom (v6) but rather leaning “unto thine own understanding.”

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